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Assentire® towards 'thinking and feeling'

Bringing Social Learning through Peer-Coaching to the UK Market with
CoachingOurselves - A Henry Mintzberg Program
CoachingOurselves has been developed by Henry Mintzberg and Phil LeNir

Our Approach

With a background in international business, development & research, we adopt an evidence-based holistic approach supporting both personal & professional development for groups and individuals. Many organisations get value from our work, and it is particularly well suited to organisations moving towards or wanting to sustain Agile Business practices.

We Believe

By increasing self-awareness through individual and collective reflective practice and Agile Retrospectives, we build resourcefulness for work place challenges. Through effective stress management & behavioural change you
can enhance your everyday Performance.

We specialise in

Agile Management Skills enhancing Resourcefulness & Productivity.
Embedding Reflective Practice for Learning & Performance.
Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere™

Knowing What to do, and Why what we do, works.
One way we do this is by using the CoachingOurselves Program developed by Henry Mintzberg and Phil Le Nir.